No matter how far your family is going to be moving, packing up your belongings and taking them to a new place is a big job. If you don’t move very often or you aren’t hiring professionals to help, there’s no doubt that thinking about the task at hand is causing you some stress. Luckily, there are some easy tips for moving that will help your move go smoothly when it’s time for your family to relocate. Check out the tips below and keep them in mind during your upcoming move.

  1. After you’ve packed your boxes, label their contents on the side instead of the bottom. Labeling on the sides makes it easy to see what’s inside when you have boxes in stacks.
    Wall with boses labled and ready fpr shiping
  2. If you’re coming in and out frequently, wrap a rubber band around the doorknob. This blocks the lock and means you won’t get locked out while you’re carrying boxes inside.
  3. Keep a running tab of your moving expenses. Boxes, tape, dinners out, gas and more can be taken off as tax deductions in many cases.
  4. Whether you’re moving out of a home where you had lots of things hanging on the walls or into one where holes haven’t been properly filled, before you paint, you can fill nail holes with toothpaste.
  5. Cardboard boxes can become awkward to carry when they’re full of heavy belongings. Before you pack them, cut handles into the sides to make them easier to lift.
  6. Heavy items can be packed into wheeled suitcases so that they can be rolled from the truck to and from the moving truck instead of carried.
  7. Color code your boxes according to which room they belong in to make unloading the moving truck quicker and organizing your new home much simpler.
  8. Wrap lids of open bottles in plastic wrap before putting on lids. Don’t throw out opened products and waste money on new ones. Just cover the bottles with plastic wrap to keep them from spilling during the move, then place their normal lids over the plastic wrap.
  9. Wrap breakable dishes in shirts and other soft clothing to prevent them from breaking during the move.
  10. Take pictures of your new house before you move your belongings in. You’ll want to remember what it was like before you made it your own.
    Hispanic Couple Viewing Potential New Home
  11. Organize your electronics cords using toilet paper rolls to prevent them from tangling during the move. It’ll save you lots of time in the long run when you don’t have to untangle them later.
  12. Put clothes on hangers directly into trash bags to make them easy to carry.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. With careful planning, attention to detail and organization, and using these simple tips and tricks, there’s no reason your family’s move can’t go smoothly. Planning in advance and being armed with tips to save your family time and help them keep organized is the key to a smooth, stress free move.