When you need to get up to 15 people from one place to another, renting a 15 passenger van from Avon is your best option.  Avon offers the cleanest vans in the industry at great rates.  There are a few things to consider when renting a van, and this article will clear up most of them.


1.  Seating – 15 passenger vans can hold a total of 15 people including the driver.  There are seat belts for each passenger in the car and you can not put more than 15 people in the van.  The seating is configured as follows:  2 captain’s chairs in the front for the driver and front passenger, three rows of benches that hold 3 people each, a last row that holds 4 people.  The seats take up the entire van.  There is no room behind the last row for storage.  Any of the rows can be removed to sacrifice seating for storage.  It is very common for renters to remove the last row to make room for storage and still leave seating room for 11 total people.  For a fee, Avon can remove and store rows of seats for you, or you can remove the seats yourself for free.




2.  Features – Avon understands the value of well equipped vehicles.  These vans have running boards, windows that run down both sides of the van, as well as windows on the rear doors.  We have vans with tinted, and also clear windows.  Some of the vans are also equipped with receivers for towing.  Most of our 15 passenger vans are white, but we also carry some in red, black, blue, and tan.

3.  Drivers License Requirements – Avon does not require a commercial license to rent a 15 passenger van.  There may be rules set by the government regarding using these vehicles for commercial / for hire use.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are complying with all applicable laws.


4.  Special Driving Considerations – Please see Avon’s document titled REDUCING THE RISK OF ROLLOVER CRASHES IN 15 PASSENGER VANS.  It will explain some of the safety concerns, as well as provide tips and suggestions for reducing the risk of accident.