Spending your Sunday afternoon strolling around one of the best flea markets in the country might sound relaxing, but in order to make the most of it, you need to keep a few things in mind. The Rose Bowl Flea Market, also known as The Shopping Place of the Stars, is a huge, sprawling, event. Before you head to PASADENA to find your flea market treasures, check out a few of our tips on how to make your shopping trip go smoothly.



It’s hard to overstate the importance of comfortable footwear when you’re trekking around a Flea Market that encompasses not only the entire Rose Bowl property but sprawls across surrounding parking lots too. Don’t risk wearing anything that’s even slightly uncomfortable or that you haven’t broken in yet because if you want to get the full experience, you’ll be walking up and down countless aisles of vendors. Instead, opt for shoes you’ve worn before. Tennis shoes or hiking sandals are probably the best idea.

New York, U.S.A - March 29, 2013: People Shopping at Brooklyn Flea market inside the Main Hall of Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building at 1 Hanson Place



When it comes to finding what you want, you need to have a plan in mind. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is among the largest in the country and they help keep things organized by dividing the vendors into sections. If you’re most interested in checking out vintage clothes, you probably don’t want to spend an hour wandering around the furniture section. Check out a map, see the lay of the land, and figure out a game plan ahead of time to ensure that you find the types of things you’re looking for.


Vintage second hand clothes hanging on shop rack at weekly flea market - Hipster wardrobe sale concept and alternative retro moda fashion styling - Soft desaturated nostalgic filtered look



While you may not carry cash on you all the time these days, it’s important to have enough with you when you hit the flea market. Admission is $9 for adults, during normal hours, and credit cards aren’t accepted at the entrance. Additionally, many vendors have cash only policies. While there are ATMs on site, they often have hefty withdrawal fees, so visiting your own bank before you arrive can save you money in the long run. Keeping a certain amount of cash on you can also help you to stay within a certain budget when you start to be tempted by all the secondhand treasures.


Antique Chairs on a table at flea market of Tel Aviv


Most sellers price their items so that they can afford to come down in price and still make a profit. Don’t be afraid to ask sellers if they will take any less. There is an art form to haggling but showing genuine interest in an item and being polite will get you a long way. You never know if you don’t ask.

Berlin, Germany - August 30, 2015: Flea market with young people choosing vintage lamps and furniture on August 30, 2015. Urban area of Berlin comprised 4 million people, 7th most populous in EU


When you come across the perfect headboard or armoire, you’ll need a way to get it home. Make sure you bring a truck or even consider renting a van. Check out these AVON RENTALS  if you’re looking for some extra cargo room.


pickup overloaded with house utensils moves on the mountain road.


While the size of the Rose Bowl Flea Market can make it intimidating, these tips should help you tackle it and find some treasures. Check out this map to plan your visit!