With so many factors going into the logistics of film and video production, sometimes the most important go overlooked. We all know that you have to have a killer script and attractive actors, and top level gear to give the picture the aesthetic you want and to properly convey your vision to the masses. But is it just as easy as hiring the right people and using the right gear?

A film production has so many nuances and details that go in to making it a successful experience, and perhaps the most important – and incidentally the most often over-looked – is the location. We’re not talking just about the physical place in the world, but how that location is set up. Little things like ‘where is craft services?’ may seem like a minor detail when you’re in pre-production, but when you are in the heat of the lamps, under the clock, where every second is crucial and stress is at an all time high, you don’t want to have to worry about where your snacks are, where bottled water is, or what’s going on at base camp!


Base camp is the green room, the back stage, the office kitchen. It’s the place where the cast and crew goes to take a load off, get a snack or a soda, and to recharge. Having a well stocked, easily accessible, and comfortable base camp is a crucial piece to a successful film shoot. Any seasoned veteran will acknowledge that a base camp can make or break the shoot. If the entire production team is uncomfortable, hours 12-16 are going to be pretty brutal. If you can make each little phase of the production more simple and comfortable, that’s worth it, right?

Avon’s Base Camp is located directly across from Hollywood Center Studios, right in the thick of it in Hollywood. This is the perfect place to locate your base camp: the lot is newly built, and will prevent standing water, and has a ten foot gate that can be locked over night for ultimate safety and security. Avon covers all the bases, so to speak, and takes the mystery out of this important and easy to mess up logistical issue.


With more than 40,000 square feet of level cement, your production can have:

– Clean and secure parking
– Full and partial rentals available by the day, week, and month.
– 24/7 HD video surveillance
– Water & Power available

If you want to take the worry out about whether or not the cast and crew will be comfortable and relaxed (or at least as comfortable and relaxed as people can be on a film shoot!), then this all inclusive service is a must. To find their availability and location, give them a call and book your time today so that you can tick off this important check point item off your pre-production list. It’ll be worth it in relieving that headache!

Base Camp Parking
2700 N. Hollywood Way.

Burbank, CA 91501

[email protected]