Burning Man is a city, a way of life, a gathering of like-minded free spirits.  The desert that houses Burning Man is vacant most of the year then, like a flash flood, erupts to life once a year for a few weeks as people flock from all over the country and globe to prove that communal living and love of true art are still alive and well.  Money has no value at Burning Man; instead, everyone helps each other out, trading and bartering to get the food and entertainment they have come for, and to enjoy the expressive art of the most creative-minded people among us.  Much is said about the community, but the art itself is what brings Burning Man to a legendary status.Screen-Shot-2014-08-11-at-11.42.57-AM-593x1024The Art of Burning Man is as varied and diverse as the life on our planet.  There is a focus on interactivity with the art, and of expanding the minds and limitations that are sometimes imposed upon us by outside intangible forces.  Art can be small, and it can be large.  Each year, the Burning Man organizers declare a theme for the art, and then lets its attendees go nuts with imagination and innovation.  There are cars transformed to mobile pieces of art, and humans dedicating their bodies to a particular event or art piece, as well.  Try describing color to a blind person: that’s like trying to articulate what the Art of Burning Man is like.  You can’t do it, no words will convey accurately what you will behold in the Nevada desert.

There is no limit to what you will see at Burning Man.  If you want to participate in this event, you are more than welcome, as all are welcome, all who want to experience this alternative and importantly rewarding life style.  You are invited to use your own imagination to come up with an art piece, or pieces, however big or small.  If you are worried about transporting yourself, your art, and your friends to Burning Man, you don’t need to be.  Many people go on the odyssey to Nevada in rented vehicles, precisely because you’ll want to bring as much as you can to enjoy the bartering and the art appreciation.  If you’re coming up from Southern California, it’s easy to rent a cargo van from HTTPS://WWW.AVONRENTS.COM/RENTAL_FLEETS/VAN/RENT_A_EXTENDED_CARGO_VAN.HTML and you will be able to fully enjoy your experience.  Certainly do not let that hinder you from attending!

No description will reveal what Burning Man is like.  You need to attend to really understand, and even then, you won’t have an a-ha moment where everything makes sense.  You must delve into the world and be open to everything and willing to turn yourself over to the energy of the desert, the love of the people, and the new way of looking at the world around you.  The life lessons you absorb from the event and the culture of the city will change your world for the better.  You will never be the same, and in a good way.  You owe it to yourself, your friends and family, and all future generations to attend Burning Man.  Once you go, you will never want to miss an event, or go back to a style of life that you knew before.

Open your mind, your body, your soul and go to Burning Man.  All ages, all demographics, everyone without exception is welcome.  The shared values are contagious and everything will be awesome from now on after you attend Burning Man.