Nestled in between rugged mountains in Northwest Nevada is The Black Rock Desert; 400 hundred square miles of completely flat desert. It’s a perfectly barren place for 96% of the year. Once a year on the last Sunday of August to the first Monday in September – on Labor Day, over 50,000 people will congregate on this dry patch of desert. Together they will transform Black Rock Desert into Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to art and community. Most commonly known as Burning Man.

Burning Man is not your usual festival; it’s a city that is created by all the participants or ‘citizens’. The basic law of this unfamiliar land (the theme changes every year) is ‘Leave No Trace’. Thousands of people bring their own survival supplies, their art and display it all on the desert floor. There is no electricity, water or garbage system here. That’s right, only this patch of desert and nameless people with their creative freedom. This gathering is unlike any other event in the world.

The idea of partaking in this temporary metropolis can be daunting to some and downright terrifying to others. But with the correct preparation, you can plan out your trip and join the vast communities of ‘Burners’. First things first – do your research. Read and take in all you can about Burning Man and all of the people around the world who revel in this event. The best place to start is the official Burning Man website. The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

Now, the big question – how are you going to get there? The most obvious way would be to drive. Unfortunately, a lot of car rental places do not allow their vehicles to be taken to Burning Man. Except for one; Avon Rent a Car, Truck and Van. They are ‘Burner Friendly’ and welcome everyone who wants to travel to Burning Man. Avon Rent a Car has three convenient locations in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Do not just take any car or a car at all for that matter, pick any of their comfortable fleet vans for a great and reasonable price. They even have vans and trucks that can carry your Art Installations all the way to Burning Man! All Avon Rent asks of you is to kindly remove all the playa dirt from any car, truck or van that you rent.

Do your research, pack your supplies, go to Avon Rent a Car to pick up your van and load it up with your friends. Before you know it you will be on your way to a once in a lifetime experience called Burning Man.

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