Living in California, we get spoiled by the ever present availability not only of wine, but of wineries and wine tastings.  We’re always surrounded by wine and so we get to have a lot of diverse experience with wines and different grapes. You may think, if we’re so surrounded by it, where are the good ones?  That’s why we’re here.


BevMo offers weekly wine tasting from 4-7PM in Los Angeles for just $2, and also Saturdays from 2-5PM.  This is a really smart business practice for them, so there’s no way it’s going to stop any time soon.  There’s no restrictions and you can really get to learn much about the wines you are able to buy at the store.

Silverlake Wine

This boutique wine shop right near the Silverlake Reservoir is a great resource, and it holds wine tastings every Sunday from 3-5PM. It’s $20 for four wines and one aperitif, but their wines are exceptional, so it’s worth the cost for the refined wine lover.  Note: you must make reservations ahead of time.

Santa Barbara

A wine vineyard near Santa Barbara, California.

A wine vineyard near Santa Barbara, California.

If you are looking to make a destination out of it, head on up to Santa Barbara, a veritable mecca of wine and wine tastings.  Rusack Vineyards is a particular favorite, and is known for its Pinot Noir and Syrah grapes.  The grounds are beautiful and worth the drive up the coast from LA.  Of course if you go all the way to Santa Barbara, you must visit Foxen Vineyards.  Their wine is the most highly coveted wine, and you would not be the only person to make such a long journey for the Foxen wines.  They also have a solar powered wine tasting room, so you can get tipsy while going green.

Orange County Food and Wine Festival

If festivals are your thing, you must hit the Orange County Food and Wine festival.  It takes place every April at Craver Classic Cars.  It’s a charitable event, so the cost may be a little high, but it’s all for a good cause.  You’ll not want to miss it and you’ll want to make it an annual tradition.  Now if you’re a wine vendor, this is a festival you’ll want to be a part of.  Any time there’s a destination festival, it’s in your best interest to get your wine in front of not only new people, but people who are interested in exactly what you have going on.  You should even consider renting a refrigerated van (from HTTPS://WWW.AVONRENTS.COM/VEHICLE/REFRIGERATED-VAN/) for the convenience of bringing your wine in a preserved and easy way.  This is a great, warm environment for sharing wine and food in Orange County, and of course, checking out cool classic cars.

Bar & Garden

The Bar & Garden in Culver City has a Greek wine tasting and wild game pairing menu from 5-8PM on Tuesdays, for just $12.  This is a great way to enjoy these exotic flavors paired together.  It’s a wonderful combination of food truck and wine shop, and if you’re in the Culver City area, you’ll want to make sure to hit this up as soon as possible.