When you say San Francisco, many people immediately think of Jerry Garcia and Frank Zappa, but many more people start thinking about the street festivals that San Fran is known for.  And this year, 2015, the street fairs are raging again.  These festivals usually draw many hundreds of people each time, and for many of the street festivals, admission is free.  Imagine strolling the streets of San Francisco where normally cars and bikes race past, while enjoying the local food and drink and even rock and roll.  Not only that, there’s usually art booths and many other crafts.  So here are the gems we recommend you not miss!

Union Street Spring Celebration & Easter Parade

Many people look forward to this annual celebration more than any other, and for good reason.  Now in its 24th year, the Union Street Spring Celebration & Easter Parade truly marks the coming warm seasons.  It’s held every year in the Marina District, and this year it’s on Easter Sunday of course, which is April 5th, from 10am to 5pm.  The parade starts at 2pm and as many of you know, this parade is not to be missed.  There will be costumed characters and of course the always popular petting zoo.  Think of the adorable photos you can take with your kids – basically it’s a one stop shop for your annual christmas card!  Bring the whole family and make a new tradition come alive for you and your family.

Cherry Blossom Festival


One festival you may not know too much about, but should, is the beautiful Cherry Blossom festival which is held over two weekends in April: April 11-12 and April 18-19.  This is a celebration of Japanese culture, and is a fantastic way of ringing in the Spring.  There will be traditional Japanese fare and gourmet treats.  Also of course there are flowers galore.  And if you miss the first weekend, fret not, since there are two weekends.  Expand your cultural horizons with this great foray into Japanese culture.

Bay Area Dance Week

There’s also a fantastic festival that supports the dance community called Bay Area Dance week.  There are going to be over 600 free performances and shows celebrating dance in San Francisco and all around the Bay Area.  You will be exposed to amateur and professional dancing troops.  Keep an eye out for it from April 24- May 3.

Rhone Rangers Wine Festival

For those who like wine, which is most people in California, there’s a fantastic wine festival called the Rhone Rangers Wine Festival, held every year.  This is the 18th year of the fest, which features over 500 wines from all over the state.  Tickets aren’t cheap but are worth it.  This year the festival is March 27-28.  You’ll be able to sample so many wines that you may not even be able to remember how you got home.  And that’s the sign of a good festival, my friends.