Every year we follow the same patterns it seems.  In the early months of the year, we let laziness over take us, since the weather is less than ideal and things are shut down for winter.  But with that comes the necessary and predictable counter weight: the rebirth of Spring.  The sense of rejuvenation we all feel at this magical time of year cannot be underestimated, and it’s an annual tradition to begin to get outside and enjoy our environs.  It’s time to focus on health and fitness, and what better way to do that than the LA Festival of Colors and CicLAvia!

The Festival of Colors is one of the more magical and spiritually rewarding events in our great state.  Not only is it a chance to learn about other cultures and be in a crowd of like minded folks, but it’s a great way to be healthy and treat your body in a healthful way.  The Festival of Colors is a sneak peak into the authentic traditions of Northern India, the music and the foods of this exotically intense culture pervades our coast.  The festival honors the ancient Indian Holi traditions and honors the love between Radha and Krishna using bright variously colored powders.

The festival is taking its turn in Los Angeles on June 6 with a 5k run called Color Me Rad, but the full Festival is spread all over California starting in March.  From San Diego to Sacramento, Bakersfield to Fresno, this months-long celebration of color and Indian tradition is fun for the whole family, with music and food and even yoga and other spiritual activities.  It’s something the whole family can enjoy and get into, year after year.

And of that isn’t enough, there’s also CicLAvia, a growing celebration of fitness and bicycling.  It’s becoming somewhat of a household name around LA, with different routes along Santa Monica Blvd and around downtown, but this year we’ll get the first ever CicLAvia up in the San Fernando Valley!  The Valley’s route starts in the North Hollywood Arts District Hub and blocks traffic all along Lankershim Blvd, past Universal City and Studio City and all the way to Goldwater Canyon Hub along Ventura.  For those who know that area, the idea of experiencing those roads with no traffic is a dream come true and not to be missed.


The San Fernando Valley CicLAvia is on March 22, 2015, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  It’s already being lauded as a great annual tradition, based in a large part on the event’s profound success in other neighborhoods of LA county.  The biking event is great for parties big or small, and participants big or small.  It’s not a race, it’s just a way to enjoy a fantastic afternoon along what usually are some of LA’s busiest streets.

Between the months-long Festival of Colors and the increasing popularity of CicLAvia, 2015 looks to be a fun and healthy year for us all!