Some might think that the festival circuit is boring because it happens every year but you would be wrong.  What’s awesome is that they are constantly reworking the lineups and adding new exciting things so that each and every year, the major festivals are not only worth going to, but essential to go to!  This year is no different, so let’s explore what the big ones have going on.


Coachella this year is going to be amazing and not be missed.  If you are in the Southern California area, everyone you know will want to go and be gearing up.  The line up is insane: the three headliners for the three nights are AC/DC, Jack White and Drake.  Talk about a diverse set of acts that will appeal to all sorts of music lovers. Add on top of that a wide variety of acts like Interpol, Sturgill Simpson, and St. Paul and the Broken Bones, the Coachella organizers have really stepped up their game this year.  if you’re planning to go, you’ll want to carpool with other amigos.  Think about renting a van from WWW.AVONRENTS.COM/VAN, and save money and gain convenience.


Speaking of Coachella organizers stepping up their game, another new development is that the same people who throw Coachella are planning to build a mega theme park along the 10 on the way out to Indio.  It’s going to be a revolutionary game changing event and tourist spot, with a giant hotel, a 10,000-person concert plaza, movie theaters, a river walk, you name it.  This is a way for Coachella to be a part of the big picture year round, not just for two weekends in April.  The complex, if all goes according to current plan, will start being constructed in 2016 and open somewhere around early 2018.  The future is now, or at least soon!

Coachella is easily the hottest ticket in the summer festival scene this year, though there are of course plenty of others for those who can’t afford the price tag or don’t want to deal with something so insane.  And many of the same bands are going to be at the different festivals, so you might be able to catch some of these big headliners at  Sasquatch, or Governors Ball, or Bonnaroo.

Stage Coach

The obvious counter to Coachella is Stage Coach, which is basically the country version of Coachella.  It’s in the same place, same idea, just with the modern country twang.  While Coachella focuses on rock and roll, the clean cut, corporate-crafted monstrosity that is “country” radio will be on full display.  Those who are fed what to listen to will love this festival.  And the same logic applies to Coachella – carpool, get your group together, and make a weekend out of it.  It’ll be fun if you’re into that kind of thing, and if you are, then this is definitely the place to be.  Interesting to note: there’s one act that places at Stage Coach and Coachella, and that’s Sturgill Simpson.  Good for him!