It’s that time of year again, when the good folks at the Rotary Club of Chula Vista host their annual Wine & Food Festival.  This year will mark the 12th such festival, and we’re as excited as can be.  It will be held on August 23rd at the alluring Otay Ranch Town Center.  And if you’re excited about it too, that can mean one of two things: either you are a wine and food aficionado, or you are a creator of delicious food or amazing wine and are attending the festival as a vendor.  What better way to broadcast to a select and attentive audience what delicious delicacies you are concocting.



Vendors are used to making their finely honed recipes, tinkering with amounts and essences of taste, detecting the effect of a particular rain storm on their grapes, or sourcing specific salts to lend that perfect hint of a certain “je ne sais quoi”.  But what is often overlooked about showcasing at one of these such events is the logistical nightmare of getting your goods to the event, and not only there, but in one piece, or in tact, or not ruined by transport.  In fact, many potential attendees are side tracked by this fear, that they will not be able to keep their goods fresh on the ride down from wherever they’re coming from.  Don’t let the worry about how you’ll get there deter you from being a vendor.

First of all, there’s preparing the foods and packaging them in containers that will not only seal the food tight, but not impart a flavor on what you’ve made.  Tin foil containers have long been used for food transport, and no matter what you are making, these will come in quite handy, and are easy to come by at most super markets or bulk food stores.  It’s keeping the food cool that can be tough, especially if you’re driving many hours in desert, or Southern California, conditions.

Since you can’t buy or even rent a refrigerated car, you might want to consider renting a van, like an extended cargo vehicle such as this: HTTPS://WWW.AVONRENTS.COM/RENTAL_FLEETS/VAN/RENT_A_EXTENDED_CARGO_VAN.HTML.  The advantages are numerous: you’ll have a relatively new vehicle so you won’t have to worry about breaking down; you can haul everything and everyone you could possibly need to bring; and the air conditioning fills the whole cab.  Keep the van running when you stop for food and bathroom, and keep the foods cool the whole time.  Since there are no windows on the van, and it’s white, the sun’s heat will be reflected away from your precious cargo.

If you are a wine vendor and you have a lot of wine to bring, you may exceed what a cargo van could offer in capacity.  You also don’t need the constant air conditioning as much.  Something like a 20’ hybrid truck, like this – HTTPS://WWW.AVONRENTS.COM/RENTAL_FLEETS/TRUCK/RENT_A_20HYBRIDBOX.HTML – would be all you need.  Again, a rental takes the worry of relying on your own vehicle away, and allows you to bring everything you need all at once.

Remember, the logistics don’t have to be a deal breaker.  Focus on your wine and your food, and be prepared to make lifelong impressions on the attendees.  Enjoy yourself out there.