Burning steel wool fireworksBurning steel wool fireworks

Event: Burning Man Festival 2016
Dates: August 28th to September 5th 2016
Location: Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Once a year people from all over the country descend on The Black Rock Desert in Nevada for Burning Man, a one of a kind festival where people present art and barter for goods, showcasing their talents in a variety of ways, including huge installation pieces. If you’ve been working on your Burning Man art this year, the last thing on your mind may be how you’re going to transport it out to the desert. But the logistics of moving your installation are important and Avon can help you get your art where it needs to go. If you book your rental in advance, you can get big, box trucks or even cargo vans to carry your necessities.

When it comes to a project you’ve been working on all year, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to figure out how you’re going to move it from point A to point B, and you don’t want to worry about it being damaged due to deconstruction to fit into a small vehicle. Whether you need a sedan to get your friends to the festival or a box truck to carry your artwork, Avon will have exactly what you need. They’re the only Burning Man friendly car rental company in the area. The earlier you book your rentals, the better off you’ll be; you’ll be guaranteed that van or truck you need to haul the largest components of your installation out to the desert.

This year’s Burning Man festival falls on Labor Day weekend, a time that’s already incredibly busy for rental car companies, so the importance of booking far enough in advance can’t be stressed enough. You don’t want to be left high and dry in the desert when you need a way to move your art out to the festival. You’ve put lots of time and energy into your installation, so be sure you go the extra mile and book a vehicle that’s big enough to haul everything you need. Avon is actually the only rental company in the area that allows their vehicles to go to Burning Man. Other companies in the area prohibit their vehicles from going to the festival, so if you need a rental vehicle to transport your art or your friends, it’s paramount that you schedule in advance with Avon.

Whether you’re transporting your friends, your art, your musical equipment, or your camping gear, you don’t want to end up in the Nevada desert without all the things you need for Burning Man. The best way to get your gear where you’re going, is to plan in advance and schedule your rental car well before you arrive. If you wait to book a rental, you may be left with few choices or you may even find that there are no cars available. Take the time to book your box truck, cargo van, or car with the only Burning Man friendly rental car provider and know that you’ll be able to get all your equipment, and your friends, to your favorite festival.

Burning Man rates are different then those posted on-line. Please contact us directly for more information. All Burning Man rentals require approval in advance.