There are a lot of benefits to the internet; oftentimes we’re discouraged by its prevalence because it seems to breed ignorance and hate, but there are actually times when you can actually benefit from being present on the info super highway. If you are a film maker, you understand that there’s a worth to being part of an online community. If you’re trying to figure out how to get the word out about you and your work, consider using some of these great social media sites for filmmakers.

Film Riot

There’s a lot of information available on Film Riot, and the host, Ryan Connolly, gives you the 411 you need in a comedic way, from music video production to CGI and even how to cast your film in the best possible way. It’s a really fun site and will make you long forget the boring tutorials we’re used to seeing in YouTube. You’ll have fun and learn!


Can’t get much more straight to the point that a filmmaking site called “Filmmaker.” Why didn’t we think of that? This is a traditional forum type site where you can get a lot of tips about how to stay on budget or other helpful pieces about what software to use, and every other filmmaking tips. This is pure peer-to-peer info sharing at its best. It’s a great site, you’ll love it.

Hope For Film

You may wonder if the word “Hope” is some sort of pun and of course it is. This is the site created by Ted Hope, an indie film producer with a few credits under his belt. This is a great site for just another opinion about film and making it as an independent film creator. Beginners and pros alike will enjoy the advice given herein.

Go Into the Story

This is a glitz-free site that really cuts to the bare bones of what to do and how to be a great screenwriter. You’ll get the brain out pouring of Scott Myers, who teaches screenwriting at the University of North Carolina. Is advice is geared toward the young screen writer and passes on the glamour and glitz, and frankly, time consuming frills and gimmicks, and send you right to information town.


IndieTalk is another forum for screenwriters and filmmakers to share their opinions, tips, and ideas among each other. There are lots of forum categories so you can easily get to where you want to go, like Post Production or Lighting and Screenwriting. People love to offer opinions and this site will do just that.

John August

If you have a cool name you can name your blog after yourself, as Mr. August has done. This blog is a veritable encyclopedia of helpful information. John August has written many successful screenplays like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride, so you know he’s got some know how. He likes to handle reader-submitted questions and answer them directly. So you’ll be getting some great info from the man himself.