Los Angeles downtown buildings at night

It seems like there’s no bad time to be outside when you live in Los Angeles, but the summer months, especially, are perfect for taking advantage of the city’s beautiful weather and the great outdoors. If you’ve been trying to think of a special date idea, moving your date outside can be a great way to make it more memorable. Instead of having dinner at your favorite restaurant, why not pick up something to go and take it to a local park? There are so many great parks, flea markets, patios, and other outdoor activities in Los Angeles that you’re bound to be able to find something that both you and your date will enjoy. Here are a few suggestions for great outdoor date ideas in LA.

Couple drinking wine. First date

Ballona Creek Bike Ride

If you’re not afraid to work up a sweat on your date, why not go on a romantic bike ride? The Ballona Creek Ride is perfect for riders of every level, including those just starting out. If you start out at the beginning of the trail, at Syd Kronenthal park, you’ll get to experience the transition from an urban setting to beautiful, lush, green expanses along the creek, as you head southwest from the city. There are stops not too far off the trail for food and drinks and you can start and stop your ride at one of many points on the trail if you prefer a shorter bike ride.

Downtown Architecture Tours

There are a few cool options for architecture tours in downtown Los Angeles, but one of the best is the walking tour of buildings featured in (500) Days of Summer. LA is home to some beautiful buildings that many locals don’t give a second thought, but that create the beautiful backdrop of the city. Learn all about them starting at the San Fernando Building on South Main. There are stops at the Grand Central Market, Continental Building, and many more.

Business district, Downtown Los Angeles, California.

Secret Beachwood Canyon Stairs

There’s nothing more memorable on a date than seeing something you’ve never seen before or exploring a part of the city that you didn’t even know existed. It’s a great way to make an impression on a date because it forever associates that place with the time you went there together. Los Angeles is a large enough city to have plenty of restaurants and bars you could go to together for the first time, but if you want to see something really memorable, check out the secret stairs in Beachwood Canyon. These stairs were built in the 1900s as a quick, walkable, access from homes in the hills to stores and transit stops below. They’re steep but worth the effort it takes to climb.

Whether you’re going on your first date or out for your 50th anniversary, an outdoor date is the perfect way to get a little creative, enjoy the city, and make new memories. Make sure to check out our fleet of cars to make the date even more special.