We’ve all seen it and we’ve all thought the same thing.  You see a TV show and you think that heck, you could have written that, or, why didn’t you think of that, and those millions of dollars should be yours.  But at the end of the day, you didn’t come up with the show, someone else did, and it takes a lot of work that you were unwilling to do!  But the fact remains, you’re watching a show that’s on TV, and in between chuckles, you look it up on the internet and you see that it was indeed started as a web series!  Someone just like you literally did think of this and did do it!

But getting your web series onto real life television is not nearly as simple as just coming up with a good idea, executing it in a creative and professional way, and then waiting for the offers to come in.  However, there are a lot of tricks to the trade – some easier than others to pull off – in order to help get your brilliant idea from web series to TV.

1.  Celebrity Will Get You Everywhere

You know what they say, better to be lucky than good!  But you can’t get lucky unless your product is good – it’s a perfect combination of both that can drive a series to success.  You might think – it’s so lucky that “Broad City” got Amy Poehler to executive produce.  But you better believe it was much more than luck.  The girls behind “Broad City” came up with a great idea and then, using connections they both had and created, got the show in front of the eyes of Ms. Poehler.  You better believe that if the show itself had been a rotten egg, they would not have ‘gotten lucky.’ Yes they are lucky to have Amy Poehler, a comedic genius and celebrity, to be behind the show, but they did not rest their successes on luck alone.

2.  Go for the Green


No we’re not talking money when we say green, we’re referring to the color’s other definition: being new!  Sure, you would love to get your show on Comedy Central for its premier but think of all the programming that they are already committed.  If you want to breath life into your show, pitch your web series to new networks that are just starting up.  They have an entirely open slate and, other than a few shows that they probably sign on when they first got funding for a new network, the powers that be are going to desperate to fill the hours.  They may even be desperate enough to give you some of the other type of green to green light your web series as a new TV show!  Enough with the green already!

3.  No Cure for A Common Virus


You’ve heard the terms buzzing: viral video.  It’s the ultimate goal, to have your video or series to be so engaging and hilarious that internet users out there will actually feel cool by sharing your link.  That’s a surefire way to succeed and therefore should be the first and foremost goal of every writer and producer, right?  No – there’s no such thing as a fool proof plan to make a viral video.  It’s one of the most difficult things to predict, although the indie rock band OKGO does a great job (albeit, now with extensive budgets) at making their videos almost all viral all the time.  But to say the least, if your series is clever and funny enough that others feel like they are cool and hip for knowing about it, you stand a better chance at succeeding.  is not a cure all, but it sure helps!