Moving into a new home can be a daunting task but with the great box trucks available from Avon Rent-A-Car and some handy tips, you can make your move much more painless. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the task at hand is the same; you’ve got to pack up everything you own and somehow fit it into a few moving trucks, like a huge jigsaw puzzle. One of the easiest ways to get everything to fit is to divide your belongings up into groups of small and large items. Large things like furniture and small household items can be moved separately, in two different trips, or small items can be packed around larger ones to cut down on how many moving box trucks your family will need. Below is a quick guide to help you pack large items into your moving truck:

  1. Pack your large items into an I-Shape in truck to create a balance of the heaviest items you’ll be moving.
  2. Place the heaviest items, like washing machines, refrigerators, and other appliances against the wall of the truck nearest to the cab.



Vector moving concept with truck, furniture and living block, isolated on white background

3. Other heavy items, like desks and tables, should be put in a line down the center of the truck. This helps to balance the weight.

4.Make sure heavy items are properly tied down so they don’t slide during the move

5. Place heavy boxes underneath the desks and tables, down the line in the center of the truck.

6. Large, soft items are perfect to place against the sides of the truck for cushion, in case items were to slide or fall during the move. This might include mattresses, box springs, couch cushions, or patio furniture cushions.

7. On the opposite wall, place soft furniture like lightweight couches, chairs, and other soft items.

8. Heavy, older style couches or ones with foldaway beds can be placed against the cab of the truck with heavy appliances.

Two Male Workers In Blue Uniform Adjusting Sofa In Truck

9. To better organize the truck, you can make a list of your heavy items and then draw a guide to help you place them in the truck when you’re packing.

10. Fill in the rest of your I shape with heavy boxes to take up space in the truck.

11. Finally, check again that all of your heavy items are properly tied down so that they don’t slide around during the move or damage any other items.

Having a plan for your largest items and knowing how to space them in the moving truck can take much of the stress out of the moving process. When you know ahead of time what you’re doing with your largest items, and which things need to go in the truck first and where, it makes things go much more smoothly on moving day. Just remember to make a list of heavy items, draw a diagram, and pack the Avon truck accordingly. You always want to be prepared for big events like moves and using the “I shape” plan in the truck will help you organize your family’s move.