Guaranteed Fun on Any Date

2018-07-10, jeff Blog

When it comes to dating, setting the right tone can be everything and having the perfect setting can go a long way in doing that. Beyond having the right setting, having an activity for you and your date can help take away any awkwardness and give you both something to focus on. Finding the right […] full post

June at Avon

2018-07-02, jeff Blog

We’re already halfway through the year! Here’s what’s been going on at Avon Rents in June! Moving Day! We help make moving day easy! Check out our fleet of trucks for your next move. The Voice! Helping out our customer, NBC The Voice. What better way to spend a beautiful day in California than helping […] full post

Best Views for the Many LA Fireworks Shows

2018-06-25, jeff Blog

Fireworks have a special, magical, feeling no matter where you watch from, but if you can find a spot where there isn’t a huge crowd and you can relax, it can be an even better experience. Luckily, Los Angeles has so many great parks and hiking destinations that there are plenty of places to be […] full post

LA Dates on a Dime

2018-06-13, jeff Blog

Dating can be expensive and whether you’ve already spent $100 on the first few dates or you’re looking for something to do on a first date that won’t break the bank, there are plenty of options if you’re willing to get creative and be a little adventuresome. Here’s a look at a few of the […] full post

May at Avon

2018-05-29, jeff Blog

Here’s what’s been happening at Avon Rents in May! Vegas Hangs When you need to haul a bunch of money back from Vegas…Don’t forget to use Avon Rents! Oops Make sure to get with Avon if you need a back-up truck. Don’t forget to set the brake. Flying Coyotes Never a dull moment on the […] full post

Avengers: Breaking Records Around the World

2018-05-29, jeff Blog

Since the film’s final opening in China, on May 11th, it has surpassed its’ predecessors, The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, to become the fifth-most grossing movie of all time. In the United States, it’s the 8th best grossing film of all time, having taken in nearly $550 million so far. Predictions indicate […] full post

Make Your Date Memorable by Getting Outside

2018-05-16, jeff Blog

It seems like there’s no bad time to be outside when you live in Los Angeles, but the summer months, especially, are perfect for taking advantage of the city’s beautiful weather and the great outdoors. If you’ve been trying to think of a special date idea, moving your date outside can be a great way […] full post

April at Avon

2018-05-09, jeff Blog

Here’s what’s been happening at Avon Rents in April! Set Life Working behind the scenes for Westworld Season 2! Coachella Fun We enjoyed getting out to Coachella and hanging out with all of you! Meeting Future Avon Drivers This little guy said “When I grow up I’m going to drive an Avon truck!” Views for […] full post

Los Angeles: An Outdoor Movie Town

2018-04-23, jeff Blog

Hollywood might be known for making movies, but here, we also love to watch them and there’s nothing better than enjoying a movie outside in the beautiful Southern California weather. Luckily, in Los Angeles, the weather stays nice enough to be outside the majority of the year, and during the warm months you can find […] full post

Your Guide to Locals’ Favorite LA Hiking Spots

2018-04-11, jeff Blog

For many people, hiking isn’t what immediately comes to mind when they think about Los Angeles. It may be the center of the glitzy, movie universe, but it has an outdoorsy, rugged side that it seems only the locals really understand and fully appreciate. If you’re looking for a vacation spot that has the best […] full post