family-731x1024Make it Through Thanksgiving By Renting a Car To Get There

It comes around every year, one of the best holidays: Thanksgiving. What makes Thanksgiving so great? It’s a secular holiday that we Americans can all agree to celebrate. We don’t have to work, we just get to sit around and stuff ourselves with some home cookin’ and sit back and watch a ton of football. What’s not to like about this amazing holiday?

Well, the Thanksgiving Weekend travel, for one.

If you’re one of the millions of americans who drive long distances to get home for the holidays, or to get to your parents’ or grandparents’ homes, that is, then you know the ongoing lament, the problem you face each and every fourth-Thursday-of-November. The travel blues. The stuck in traffic torture. There’s really not much you can do about it except to download a ton of new music or books on tape and brace yourself, and hope that you and your loved ones in the car with you don’t eat each other before you eat the Turkey.

But what’s that? There is something that can be done?

Of course there is! All of the blues are not caused by the simple fact that you’re covering hundreds of miles or that you are stuck in traffic going over some bridge that is also charing you a $15 toll. Part of the blues is knowing that you’re putting a ton of wear and tear on your already-too-old vehicle, and the hissing noise it’s making isn’t getting any quieter. Also, since your car is a little old, that miles per gallon rating is steadily dropping and when you’re heading up north or down south every mile is another penny out of your pocket.

So why not consider renting a car for the holiday? There are many reasons you’re going to realize this is a great idea.

First of all, the cost is lower than you might think. We can see renting a car for as little as $35 a day, if you play the game right and reserve your car now. You can always scrounge a deal if you get in to the place early and make that reservation. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush has never been truer.

Also, you’re saving that wear and tear – that alone is worth driving someone else’s car instead of your own. Instead of adding another 2000 miles to your car, that goes on the rental’s hands and you’re scot free.

You can also get a car that gets significantly higher gas mileage than your regular commuter and that alone will save a ton of money – depending on what your car currently gets, it could more than pay for itself.

And most importantly, you have the opportunity to drive something new, different, and who knows, maybe even fun. Treat yourself to one of those reissue muscle cars that everyone rents. It could make Thanksgiving travel something you look forward to instead of loathe!