Everyone loves to travel, but nobody likes having to set up travel accommodations. From finding a hotel, to booking a flight, but above all one of the most dreaded getaway things-to-do is renting a car. It’s a dreaded task that is often filled with long waits, questionable customer service and last minute car switcheroos. The days of car rental frustration and agitation are over! There is a singular place where you can expect premiere customer service, great deals and several time-saving ways that you can rent any type of vehicle. Where, you ask? Avon Rent a Car, Truck and Van.


Avon Rent a Car, Truck and Van makes it easy for you to rent a vehicle – any kind of vehicle! Whether you have a long drive ahead of you and are in need of an economical car or do you want a luxury vehicle for the night or a commercial vehicle to hold a lot of people? Browse Avon Rent a Car’s expansive online inventory that updates in real time for both of their locations which means you won’t ever reserve a car that is out of stock. It updates the inventory for both of their locations, Avon Rent a Car Santa Monica and Avon Rent a Car Beverly Hills. Once you’ve picked the location, the payment option for you, it’s only a matter of seconds before you get your confirmation. Take your confirmation straight to a kiosk at the specific Avon Rent a Car location that you chose and voila! Your car will be ready and waiting for you.

Save yourself the time, the extra money and stress of fretting about a last minute trip. You can reserve the vehicle you want, online and ahead of time 24 hours in advance. That’s right, last minute trip? Don’t worry, Avon Rent a Car has you covered.