Renting a Car Vs. Ubering

When you’re traveling during the holidays, you might be tempted to Uber between your destinations. While Uber is a great solution during quick trips, there are lots of reasons you might want to consider renting a car instead of using a ride share service for your holiday trips.

If you’re planning on traveling more than just a few miles this holiday season, a ride share service probably isn’t the right choice for you. While right share services like Lyft and Uber are great, convenient, ways to get across town, they quickly become costly if you’re going very far. If grandmother’s house is further than over the river and through the woods, consider renting a car instead. You can probably rent a car for about the price you’d pay for a handful of quick Uber rides.

Renting a car also gives you increased freedom over depending on a ride share service. When you’re using Uber to get around, you’re chained to waiting on an available driver and, for most riders, are stuck riding within a fairly small radius in order to keep your costs as a minimum. When you rent a car, you can go anywhere you want to go. You’ll have to freedom to drive wherever you’d like and take as many trips as you’d like while you have the vehicle. If you need to take a quick break from the family during Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve got your own wheels to drive around the block as many times as you need to!

Having the freedom to drive anywhere you’d like to go during the holidays is a huge perk of renting a car instead of trying to Uber from one family gathering to the next, but did you know you can also save money and earn rewards toward your next rental too? There are lots of ways to save money when you rent a car at Avon Rent-a-Car, including perks for certain credit cardholders. You can also sign up for rewards program and earn points toward free rentals, upgrades, and other great rental perks you can use throughout the year. You’ll save a ton of money renting a car over using a ride share service if you have very far to go, too and we all know there’s nothing better than saving money during the holidays. So, choose the less expensive option this holiday season and rent a car for your travel needs.

While using Uber or Lyft is a convenient way to get around town during the normal part of the year when you’re hauling gifts, food, and the kids around, you want the comfort of a vehicle that’s ready when you are, easy to load, and that can hold everything you need. Rent a car from Avon-Rent-A-Car this holiday season and save over your usual rideshare service.

You want to skip the rideshare and grab a car for the holidays? Use the booking tool at the top of this page or check out some of our fleet here!