As the season turns here in Southern California, our brain recalibrates away from a 6-pack in a cooler at the beach, and more toward the vineyards and heartier foods that provide Autumn with its own unique character, one we enjoy and look forward to just the same.  If you are a wine lover and food connoisseur, you owe it to yourself to take part in the annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, which this year runs Sunday, November 16 to Sunday, November 23.

This week-long event is a foodie’s dream come true.  At the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, you are presented with an almost inconceivable array of luxury wines and delectably crafted foods in a feast you won’t soon forget.  At the event, there will be no fewer than 160 wineries presenting their finest wines, their boutique wines, and even some experimental blends for your discerning taste to mull over and enjoy.  Over 60 fine dining restaurants will be present as well, showcasing their gourmet foods and featuring some big name celebrity chefs.  There are wine dinners, all levels of cooking classes, wine tastings and even wine tasting classes, an always popular olive oil competition and so much more.

The event is held every year at the Embarcadero Park North in San Diego which, for Angelinos, is not that bad a drive and well worth it.  For those of you foodies out there who think the long drive would be a burden, try car pooling with your dinner party club.  You can even rent a van to go down as a group and make it an even more enjoyable week away than it would otherwise be.  The same goes for all you presenters: if you are worried about space in your traveling arrangements, consider a van rental to bring everything and everyone you want to put your best face – and food – forward.


This delicious orgy of foods and wines usually attracts over 6,000 attendees, all of whom clearly value the art of food: presentation, combinations, and creativity.  Food is more than just a way to live to see another day.  It can be an artform and an obsession all its own.  The Wine & Food Festival attracts winemakers of all skill levels – from generations-owned family wineries to the upstart home wine maker – and celebrity chefs and those just starting out.  There’s a place for everyone here.

Almost needless to mention is that San Diego itself is a wonderful destination.  While you’re taking a break from enjoying the thousands of tastes you are surrounded by, you can enjoy one of country’s most relaxing and beautiful cities.  Take a walk along Ocean Beach, and you’ll breath in the very Manifest Destiny that fueled the early mantras of this great country.  Palm trees and sunshine, then back to the event for more of the same.

You and your friends will not want to miss this incredible annual event down in lovely San Diego.  Buy tickets online for only $45 and ensure that you will not miss out.  It’s liable to become an annual tradition for you and yours, so start that right now in 2014.  Come hungry and thirsty, and stay safe out there as you explore a whole new culinary side of life.