What is a stake bed truck and what are stakes?  No, not like the medium rare piece of meat you had for dinner last night.  Think of a stake bed truck as a pickup truck that has been lifting weights.  Sometimes called stake body, they are often Ford F550 chassis, but instead of having a tub on the back of them like your grandfather’s old blue Chevy, they have flat beds.  Around the perimeter of the bed are slats of wood that slide into holes in the truck.  These removable walls are called stakes.


Avon’s stake bed trucks have electronically controlled hydraulic lifts.  These are fold-up lift gate (not tuck away lift gates) that make loading the truck easy.  The lifts hold 2,000 pounds.


All of our stake bed trucks are equipped with secure, locking, jockey boxes on both sides of the truck.  You can use these to store tools or other items that you don’t want to put in the cab or in the back, but need to keep safely stored.


Stake bed trucks are great for towing.  They all have receivers for hitches.  If you need to tow a generator, this will probably be your vehicle of choice.  Some of them even have 5th wheel plates for towing large trailers.  If you need one with a 5th wheel, be sure to ask for it specifically.  With a stake bed, you don’t have some of the concerns that are inherent to cube trucks.  Their clearance is much lower, they are not effected as much by wind, and they are not as top-heavy.

Avon’s standard stake bed is 12 feet. This means you get 12 feet of storage in the bed, not the overall length of the truck.  They are also crew-cab, so they have four doors and seat 6 people, three in the front and three in the back.  We also have longer stake beds including 16, 20, and 24 feet.  Some of these are crew cab and some are single cab.

If you have to tow something really heavy, we have GMC 4500 and GMC 5500 stake beds.  These trucks are very large, and therefore require a commercial drivers license to drive them.


We also have 4×4 F550 stake beds trucks.  These four-wheel drive trucks are perfect for driving on roads that two-wheel drive truck can’t make it on or even on the beach.  Don’t think of the 4×4 trucks as a lifted off-roader for taking your dirt bikes to Gorman.  These are some of the biggest work trucks in Los Angeles that are built to get the job done!