When we were kids going to school, days where we had field trips were the most looked-forward-to.  We got to leave the stagnant confines of the boring ol’ school and go see the world around us.  We got to taste freedom and adventure.  The same works in the work place!  Having a field trip to look forward to will boost morale among your workforce and, moreover, will increase productivity going forward.  There are many reasons to have a company field trip, and no good reasons not to.

First of all, you can get creative with any sort of field trip.  You can make it a public service to the community, helping beautify the city or work with a non-profit organization helping the homeless, or orphans, or better yet: homeless orphans.  Or you can make it a workshop, or a weekend to a trust-building retreat.  Whatever your idea is, all you need is a van or a bus, which you can rent easily at a place like Avon Rents (Our Fleet), and you’re good to go!

So why should you do it?

A field trip builds the team.  When you take your employees out of their normal roles, executives and secretaries alike are compelled to work together in new ways.  No longer are the rungs of the ladder dictating who does what: everyone is equalized.  Because of that, employees are forced to work together and socialize in new ways.  The relationships that result from a day like this translate very well into ongoing friendship and morale in the work place.  The team bonds and becomes stronger.


You can educate the work force.  Sometimes these field trips will be educational, providing your employees with increased and improved skill sets.  There’s a great sense and feeling that comes from learning something new, and using that new skill in your everyday work life.  There’s no question that a learning workforce is one that is more able to adapt and change with the future, as new technologies are introduced.  Everyone benefits from a more informed work force.

Networking.  If you take your company to a conference or convention, it will be a field trip that helps your company as well as the individuals at your company for the future.  Think of all the people, the new ideas and approaches, you can expose your work force to at a convention in a relevant field.  Plus, getting the gang out of town is a fun and worthwhile experience with an after effect that lasts a long time.

The innumerable benefits to having a company field trip mean that any logistical hurdle should be approached as a minor inconvenience to an important company mission. One or two days of “lost work” will easily be made up for by a rejuvenated and energized work force.  Don’t be shortsighted: take your company on a fun or educational field trip soon.