While the masses are baking underneath the desert sun at Coachella, many festival-goers have taken to leaving the grounds to spend their afternoons and evenings at the many parties around town that coincide with the main event. From cocktails by the pool to raves you’ll never forget, there’s a Coachella party for everyone. Rent a passenger van from Avon and you’ll be able to get your whole crew to the festival and then easily trek over to the best parties around. With great incentives like 24-hour returns, 2 free days for every 5 you rent, and 150 miles per day, there’s no better way to get your friends to the festival and the best parties without having to worry about transportation. Here’s a look at the best parties happening during Coachella.Desert Gold: April 13-24, Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs

Each year, the Ace Hotel & Swim Club gives 12 entire days to its’ hotel-wide Coachella celebration. There’s trivia, bingo, karaoke, guest DJs, and décor by Modern Construct.

Vestal Village: April 13-16, Location TBD

Vestal Village was created a few years before Coachella and is just a short drive from the festival. With one of our passenger vans, you and your friends can visit the campground for fishing, hiking, swimming, and special concerts when you need to get away from the main event. While this event is invite-only, you can request an invitation for you and your crew. It doesn’t hurt to be a social influencer with a large number of Instagram followers.

Young Turks in Palm Springs: April 13, Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs

For the first time this year, Goldenvoice takes a stab at the famous Coachella party by throwing a showcase of performers from the British record label Young Turks. The long list of performers to take the stage inside the hangar at the Air Museum include Jamie XX, Ben UFO, and Four Tet.

Neon Carnival: April 15, Location: TBD

When it comes to the most elite Coachella parties, Neon Carnival probably takes the cake. Try to imagine your standard county fair with rides and games. Except instead of goldfish and cheap stuffed animals, prizes are provided by brands you drool over and probably can’t afford. There’s also always a bevy of celebrities hanging around. Of course, this one is invite-only but if you’re affiliated with Bolthouse Productions, you can probably get an in. If you’re friends are heading this way, make sure you’re riding in one of our passenger vans, big enough to stand up in and is definitely big enough to hold all the oversized prizes you’re going to win.

Pandora Audio Invasion: April 15, Cathedral City.

Each year, music streaming service Pandora puts together this party in Cathedral City. You won’t want to miss Charlie XCX doing a DJ set at this popular event.

Base Camp: April 13-May 2, Various Locations.

Base Camp is the name given to various pop-up camping locations surrounding the Coachella festival grounds. This main site is just a six-mile ride in your rental, passenger, van from the festival and includes hot air balloon rides and a swimming pool. What else could you want?

Rhonda: Queen of the Desert: April 14, Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs

A Club Called Rhonda puts on this yearly event, which strives to be inclusive and brings the polysexual scene to Coachella. Originally started as a way to escape from the celebrity-rich culture of Coachella, it’s now one of the biggest parties around and one of the artsiest.

Desert Weekender: April 14-16, The Saguaro Palm Springs.

Brunch, yoga, and pool parties top the list of festivities at this Palm Springs hotel during Coachella weekend. If you’re hungover from the night before or haven’t even been to bed yet, yoga at this resort is a great way to get the new day started.

Day Club Palm Springs: April 14-23, Hilton Palm Springs

Poolside at the Hilton Hotel in Palm Springs, you’ll find one of the best day parties of Coachella and it happens both weekends of the festival. With guest DJs like Skrillex, you won’t want to miss out on this. Go in with your friends and rent a cabana at the hotel for the total experience.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Bumble Party: April 15-16, Rancho Mirage.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner team up with dating app Bumble to host one of the most unique parties happening during Coachella. This party will host pool parties in Rancho Mirage, amid a created scene of snow and ice. Just what you need after a long day in the sun! Invites are through the dating app, which will invite users to mingle with celebrities and other guests in this winter wonderland.

The Saguaro’s Prescription Pool Party: April 15, The Saguaro.

This 21+ event at the Saguaro is an institution among Coachella party goers. This year’s party includes music by Dr. Fresch, Hotel Garuda, and Point Point.

In addition to all these great parties, there are also plenty of other private events like Desert Oasis by Foray Collective and POPSUGAR Cabana Club. Whether you’re planning to hit all the best parties, do yoga at a resort before going to the festival, or just drive back to your campsite when the night’s winding down, a passenger van from Avon can get you and your friends to the festival and beyond in comfort and style.