Lake Tahoe should be familiar to most people as a resort destination.  Nestled on a beautiful and majestic Lakebetween the mountains of Nevada and California, this ski town, with its nightlife and casinos and bowing alleys and beautiful natural vistas and hikes, is an essential visit for every American or tourist.

But the exciting news is that Ironman has decided to bring its event to Lake Tahoe for the first time this September 21, 2014.  Nature lovers and triathletes from all over the west coast and south west will want to not only mark their calendar, but get training and book their reservations to participate.

We should know what a Ironman is first, before we get to planning the adventure.  Ironman is no ordinary triathlon.  Instead of simply running, biking and swimming, an Ironman features a 2.4 mile swim, then a 112 mile bicycle ride, followed by an actual marathon (26.2 mles).  And no, you don’t take a nap in between. Other than those who do actual double or triple Ironmans, this is the most strenuous and taxing athletic endeavor a mortal human can attempt.

It’s the thrill of accomplishing the Ironman that attracts so many folks to the sport.  But at the Lake Tahoe event, there will be the additional draw of the idyllic and breathtaking beauty of the environment.  Not every Ironman is held in such a glorious part of the world.  And if you’re thinking about doing it, you’re going to need to take the necessary precautions and make the right arrangements.

For example, the terrain in Lake Tahoe is rough and tumbly, since it is nature after all.  Sure you could drive your own car, but especially if there’s a group of you, it’s both financially and logistically beneficial to actually rent a van, one that no one owns and therefore feels they need to be protective over, and one that can hold everyone and all their gear.  A van rental will make your group expedition to the Lake Tahoe Ironman event so much easier and more comfortable, and maybe you haven’t thought about this option.

Competitors in Triathlon entering the water for the swimming leg

Competitors in Triathlon entering the water for the swimming leg

And then there’s the training.  Training for an Ironman is almost a full time job and should not be done either hastily or without research.  There are countless blogs and experts of people who have been successful in their Ironman training, and you should absolutely consult them to make sure you are doing what’s right for you and your body, in the right time.  It does help to have friends or loved ones also invested in training for the Ironman, because it will make the motivation to train that much easier, when you have a group on your side.

If you’re thinking of doing an Ironman, you are clearly an athlete looking to advance your personal bests and achieve greater heights.  If you’ve thought about doing an Ironman for a while, the Lake Tahoe, CA event is the one to go to.  Think of your swim in the beautiful North Lake Tahoe and its sandy beaches, transitioning to the bike along the 21-mile bank of the lake and to the town of Truckee.  The bike portion ends in Squaw valley, the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and participants will transition to their running shoes for a relatively flat and absolutely gorgeous runalong an incredibly scenic stretch of Tahoe.

Good luck to all your participants, and see you at the finish line!