Skier in a sunset setting

When you think about Los Angeles, you probably conjure up images of beautiful, rocky beaches, palm trees, and boardwalks. It’s the city where the weather is always warm, and winter seems almost non-existent. But lately, LA has been experiencing a cold snap and it might have you daydreaming of suiting up and hitting the slopes. While Los Angeles might not be known as a destination for skiing, there are plenty of mountains with quality slopes within driving distance.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway, there are several hills within an hour or two of Los Angeles proper. These include Mt. Baldy, Mountain High and Snow Valley. While Mt. Baldy might be considered a small hill, it’s a terrific value. For just $69, you can ski for the entire day or you can opt to ski from noon to close for just $49. It’s a great spot for beginners looking to learn without having to commit to traveling far. Another nearby ski option is Mountain High. Because of its’ proximity to the city, these slopes tend to be the most crowded, but they offer a variety of ticket options and even have night time skiing. Finally, Snow Valley is less than two hours from LA. The slope isn’t as steep as some of the closer mountains, but it’s less crowded, has full and half day ticket options, and even offers a $10 student discount.

Chair-lift at ski resort

When you’ve got a little more time on your hands and can travel further, there are some even better ski resorts near Los Angeles including Big Bear Mountain, June Mountain and Snow Summit. The latter is ideal for people who want to take ski lessons. It’s the sister site of popular ski locale Big Bear Mountain, but Snow Summit actually boasts the more difficult courses. Big Bear Mountain is popular in its’ own right and is especially loved by snow boarders because it’s home to lots of jumps, boxes, and rails. It’s connected to Snow Summit and you can access both hills for the same price. Finally, June Mountain is within just five to six hours of Los Angeles. Its’ courses feature lots of trees, which is attractive to advanced skiers, but it also lets kids ski for free, so there’s something for everyone on this mountain.

Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino

Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino

Finally, within about eight hours of LA, there are a few ski resorts that really take things to the next level. Northstar, Kirkwood, and Mammoth Mountain are all beloved by avid skiers from the LA area and beyond. Northstar is a full-fledged resort spreading out over 3,000 acres with many dining options and an ice skating rink. Kirkwood is located in Lake Tahoe and offers package deals on lodging in addition to its’ many ski options. Last, Mammoth Mountain is about a six-hour drive from LA and is exactly what the name implies: a huge mountain. It’s got fast ski lifts, dining and more.

No matter how much time you have, you can find great ski destinations near Los Angeles. We have a large selection of 15 passenger vans perfect for your group! When you’re ready to make a trip, come and check us out at any of our 3 locations in LA!