Whether you’re a first timer, weekend warrior or a seasoned veteran, looking for and choosing the right vehicle for your specific needs can be a bit daunting when considering size, features, and uses. Here at Avon, our goal is to make the car, truck, or van renting aspect of your project as easy as possible which is why we have devoted a part of our YouTube channel to virtual walk-arounds.

When it comes to planning film production, moving, catering or transporting, time is of the essence. Instead of walking around a packed lot aimlessly for hours on end, learn the ins and outs of our extensive fleet from the comforts of your home! Avon virtual walk arounds aim to give an in depth look at our vehicles through highlighting prominant information, functions and capabilites. Let us do the hard work for you!

Our latest Virtual Walk-Around Videos:

24″ Crew Cab Box Truck Inside and Outside Walk-Around

Extended Cargo Van Inside & Outside Walk-Around

Let us know what vehicle you’d like to see featured in the next virtual walk-around by leaving a comment on one of our walk-around videos or by shooting an email to [email protected]

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