Happy Thanksgiving ticket

Many of us go to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving, wherein we overeat some turkey and stuffing and drink gravy like it’s water, and drink whiskey like it’s the aforementioned gravy. It’s the American tradition for many of us. But just as there are folks who enjoy time with their family on this great holiday, there are also many who want to get out of the house and see a classic film. Well, you folks are in luck. This year in Los Angeles there are a ton of great films being show for your consumption. Let’s see which ones are near you.

Richard Pryor Live In Concert & Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip

When it’s a laugh riot you want, you can get by on some Richard Pryor no problem. He’s one of the funniest who has ever lived, and a double feature of his two famous concerts is going to get you into the turkey eating spirit big time. These classic are both hilarious and poignant, as he cracks jokes (no pun intended) and deals with drug addiction and of course racism in the early 80’s. This is happening at the New Beverly Cinema on Thanksgiving Eve.

A Girl Walks Home Along at Night

This film is an instant classic, and a breathtaking debut for young director Ana Lily Amirpour. Taking place in an Iranian ghost town called Bad City, we get to know the protagonist, a vampire who haunts and torments the locals while falling in love and coming of age. The cinematography is beautiful and you’ll love getting to immerse yourself in this fictional reality. After blowing up at the Sundance, you will get to see the film at Quart for the Thanksgiving week.

Dances With Wolves

Best know as Kevin Costner’s only good work, Dances with Wolves is a great holiday watch, mostly because of its length (three hours) so by the end you’ll be ready for a turkey sandwich. The film won best film in 1990, and marked the ultimate peak for now punchline Costner. Watch him frolic with the Indians and wolves and giggle at how dated it is. It’s 25 years old, after all. Dances with Wolves shows at the New Bev through Thanksgiving.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Opposite of Dances with Wolves, this futuristic look at space travel already set a surprising 14 years AGO is oddly not dated. It still holds up as futuristic, though the rudimentary Skype capabilities seem not so far fetched. This is among Stanley Kubrick’s greatest works (he’s done a lot of good ‘uns) and 2001 makes a great holiday watch, as we explore the technological vs human elements of the future. And that it shows at The Egyptian Theatre makes it all the more of a ‘can’t miss.’

Inglourious Basterds

So Tarantino is controlling the New Bev’s programming, but that’s ok, so what if he chose his own World War II film, it’s a great one and worth the watch on Thanksgiving. Enjoy both Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz giving career-defining performances, and watch this amazing film on 35mm.