One of the biggest music festivals is just around the corner. Whether it’s weekend 1 or 2 of Coachella that you and your friends are going to, we know taking your own car to the Coachella Valley might not be your first choice, especially when you factor in gas/gas prices, putting over 200 miles on your car, leaving your vehicle in the desert for a few days, and all the dirt and sand that your car could be coated in by the end of the trip. We propose a better alternative: taking a 15-passenger van. Here’s why:

  • You can return the van at 3am (24-hour return service). Partying and soaking in all the awesome live music might make you prolong your trip. If you’re coming back to LA late, have no worries – we’ve got 24 hour return service, so you can drop off your van at anytime at our Hollywood location.


  • Easy to rent. You don’t need a commercial license to rent it.
  • Lots of Room. You’ll be able to fit you, your friends, all your bags, all your survival kits and more in this spacious beast. If you’re staying at a house with 10+ people and all need to get there at the same time, this is the way to go. And think of all the roadtrip memories you’d create.
Might be good better adjusted further

Might be good better adjusted further

  • No extra charges for the partying you put your van through. Hey, we get it. Coachella is known to be an epic experience, but it might take a toll on your vehicle. We totally understand this so you’ll get friendly rates and rental terms with us. (Here’s another tip – check-in on Yelp, you’ll get an extra $5 off).
  • Party van because of two words: tinted windows. Yes we said tinted! We have vans with tinted windows. AND if you don’t want a white van, we’ve got it in red, black, blue, and tan. Tint + Color= SO concert ready.


As if these aren’t enough for you to book one today, you can see our BLOGPOST on detailed features of this van. We’re a local shop, based in LA only, so you’re totally supporting your neighborhood business when you rent from us. You can rent one today by reserving a van ONLINE HERE or calling 800-432-2866. We look forward to serving you!