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Known for being the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, where radio, television, music and filmmaking color the city’s thriving entertainment industry. Our Hollywood location serves as our corporate headquarters, the trusted rental source for filming and entertainment needs in the area since 1978. Avon Hollywood is highly experienced in providing large truck and van orders, particularly for production and large events. We have the best box trucks/cube trucks, cargo vans, camera trucks and passenger vans for anything your crew needs. The key to our success is our focus on making our rental service for specialty trucks as efficient and streamlined as possible. We are able to handle large orders and with your corporate account, you can enjoy easy insurance set-up, faster pick-up, and simplified reservations. If you are a production team or small business in need of one of our trucks or vans, set up a corporate account with us today and rent at an hour of the day. Our 24-hour service is available for specialty vehicle deliveries and pickups. We are a one-stop shop for productions – rent a truck to transport your equipment, as well as the Porsche that you need for the film.

Avon Rent-A-Car-Truck-Van is a family owned and operated company, one of the largest privately owned, independently operated rental companies in Southern California. We offer specialty vehicles and equipment to the entertainment industry and have expanded our rental services to individual renters, providing outstanding car and truck rental deals to the public. We pride ourselves in delivering superior service and a wide variety of cars, trucks, and vans right when you need it at affordable rates. We solely serve the Los Angeles area with 3 locations, providing Angelenos convenience with our 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, drop-off service for returns. We strive to make it a seamless experience for our Los Angeles customers with friendly rates and rental terms. If you are moving, need production transportation, or have any other rental car or truck needs, support your local rental company and visit us today. If you’re on Yelp, check-in on Yelp and receive $5 off your truck rental.

Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Mar 3, 2020,
good customer service & fast checkout charges and transactions take a while to clear
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Feb 29, 2020,
Wonderful! Thank you Julie and Wyatt for all your help. Rented a midsized car, it was full of gas and clean and we drove to Joshua Tree to stay for a night, then returned following afternoon. All in all, it was a good experience, certainly helped by your fine service and great vehicles. Thanks again.
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Feb 18, 2020,
Julie always reserves out trucks and is very lovely to work with.
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Feb 11, 2020,
Always feel like I'm treated like gold when renting from this location. Thank you every one at Hollywood Avon for all that you do!
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Feb 3, 2020,
The rental was great! This facility lost a star because the employees in the front forgot to mention to bring my receipt. So i reached the lot and was turned back to retrieve that receipt from the trash i threw it.
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Jan 29, 2020,
A very good experience for the last 15 years.
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Jan 28, 2020,
Julie is the best! Anytime I need a rental she has one available for any show I'm on. AVON team is awesome, timely, respectful and its the only Vehicle company I use in LA.
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Jan 28, 2020,
The service was really great, except that I was charged a service fee for a malfunction with the gas tank. The tank only showed 3/4 full but, I was not allow to put any more gasoline into the vehicle. The van was taken to see if they could put more gasoline into the vehicle but it would only take a half of a gallon. I was charged $22.00 service fee for the staff to check. It was the not the service fee that bothered me. It was the principle...So if the vehicle would only take a half of a gallon of gas, and the tank still showed 3/4 full, why should I be charged a service fee for a malfunction of the vehicle. I did not want to waste my time debating the issue but left with a feeling of discontent. Thank you for inquiring about my experience. I definitely will rent with your company again. Kind Regards, GregoryC
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Jan 20, 2020,
Avon makes it easy to rent for productions and we appreciate it!
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
Jan 18, 2020,
This company has so much potential, but a lot of room for improvement too. First of all, within the Hollywood area, it pretty much as the best reviews and best value for money! But I think your experience can be improved though, as this was my experience: 1) I booked a car online. But when I went to the location to pick up the car, the staff member still had to check if a car was available. This says to me Avon's link between physical availability of a car and the website needs to improve. 2) Staff member was friendly enough, but it still took him 15 minutes to process the paperwork until I was ready to drive the car. Just get a good consultant in to see how this and the above can be improved. 3) This is abit of a wish list for Avon, but it'd be great if you had an airport drop off/pick up location in future. Ha, would have saved me an Uber fare! 🙂
Avon - Hollywood Avon - Hollywood
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