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  • Why Rent from Avon?

    Complete Studio Transportation Services

    Specializing in Studio Transportation since 1978

    Full Fleet of Production Vehicles

    Custom Production Rate Packages Available

    Secured Overnight Production Parking

    Production Storage Available Daily, Weekly, Monthly

    Free Delivery & Return

    24 Hour Customer Service and Lot Access

  • Welcome to Avon Studio Transportation Online!

    Supporting the Entertainment Industry for nearly 3 decades, Avon is proud to boast one of the largest independently owned and operated fleet of vehicles in Southern California.

    Our fleet is new, clean, and in full compliance with all DOT rules and regulations.

    Avon is dedicated to keeping Hollywood in Hollywood by providing state of the art equipment and level of service filmmakers are unable to find in any other city in the world. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Round the clock access to our fleet and studio transportation services is a necessary advancement to comply to our customers needs. Free pick up and drop off is an option if staffing is short. Production storage has been made available by the day, week and month. Give us a suggestion and we will make it a reality.

    The rhythm of the industry has changed. There was a time when you could set your clock to the seasons of production. Television, Pilots, Features and Commercials all had their own schedules overlapping and retreating but predictable. Now with digital cable and satellite television hundreds of channels racing to fill time slots, studios shooting the next blockbuster and not forgetting the phenomenon that is reality television, production in the 21st century has reinvented itself.

    Avon Studio Transportation has recognized the change in the climate and we have evolved in order to provide a unique one on one service department that can focus on each customer individually when requesting 1 vehicle or 75 vehicles.

    In a world where large corporations devour large corporations, it’s unusual to find a company large enough to accommodate your needs yet caring enough to watch your back, hold your hand and give you a leg up when needed. It’s refreshing to pick up a phone or walk in to an office time after time and hear the same voices or see the same faces. It is comforting for any type of business to know that the day to day and or crisis transactions will be handled by the same professional that has taken care of them day in and day out. Let Avon Studio Transportation help you bring your productions in on time and on budget.

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