Cabin Fever Cure: 3 Awesome SoCal Campgrounds

2020-09-29, carcloudadmin Blog

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine have more people getting into the great outdoors than in recent history. While we’ve become a culture that spends much time indoors, many of our favorite activities are no longer safe during the pandemic. Getting out into the open air is one of the few things we can do […] full post

To Fly, or Not to Fly? The Safety and Convenience of Driving vs. Flying

2020-08-27, carcloudadmin Blog

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic in full force, after months of lockdown at home, it’s natural that you’d want to getaway. While traveling during the pandemic might seem tricky, there are ways to mitigate the risk. The airline companies are working hard to make sure passengers are safe and to lower the chances of the […] full post

Renting vs. Rideshare: Who Wins The Fight?

2019-11-22, carcloudadmin Blog

Renting a Car Vs. Ubering When you’re traveling during the holidays, you might be tempted to Uber between your destinations. While Uber is a great solution during quick trips, there are lots of reasons you might want to consider renting a car instead of using a ride share service for your holiday trips. If you’re […] full post

Renting a Car For The Holidays And How Your Credit Card Can Save You Money!

2019-11-19, carcloudadmin Blog

Renting a Car for the Holidays and American Express Figuring out how you’re going to travel during the holidays can be stressful. Flying is always a hassle and you might be under the impression that renting a car can be costly. However, if you’re an American Express cardholder, there are several different programs available to […] full post

Rental Car Insurance Basics

2019-06-21, carcloudadmin Blog

Anytime you rent a car in the United States, you’ll probably be faced with the decision of whether or not you want to insure the rental. To customers who aren’t used to being asked, this can seem like the rental company is trying to upsell you; it feels like the customer service representative might be […] full post

AAA: Is Anytime Assistance Worth the Cost?

2019-06-14, carcloudadmin Blog

AAA has been providing assistance to drivers for over 100 years now and as the best-known roadside assistance service, they’re familiar to almost all drivers. AAA is actually a federation of motor clubs with offices all over the country, so no matter where you are, there’s someone nearby to help. They also offer financial services, […] full post

Avon Rents NEW VEHICLE AVAILABLE – Ram 2500 Promaster w/ Liftgate

2019-05-08, carcloudadmin Blog

Avon Rents is proud to announce a brand new edition to our fleet of vehicles! Our first shipment of Ram 2500 Promaster Vans now with a LIFTGATE has just arrived with more on the way. These vehicles will be priced competitively between a Cargo Van and Cube Truck with Lift Gate. Before you think this […] full post

Creating a Smart apartment on the CHEAP without getting in trouble with your landlord

2019-04-25, carcloudadmin Blog

You might feel like it’s impossible to have a smart home if you’re renting. Many of the newest tech gadgets would require the landlord’s permission to install and then when you moved and left them behind, you’d be wasting money. But there are several tech products on the market today that can update your apartment […] full post

Baker To Vegas – The World’s Most Prestigious And Unique Law Enforcement Foot Race

2019-02-28, carcloudadmin Blog

While law enforcement officers face all types of challenges during their day jobs, for one night a year, they face something that can be even more extreme: running part of a 120-mile race across the desert. The Baker to Vegas Relay Race brings over 6,000 members of law enforcement to the desert where they race […] full post

Need Help Moving? Here’s the Top 4 Moving Companies in Hollywood to Help!

2019-01-22, carcloudadmin Tips for moving home

When your family is ready to move, you don’t want to hire just any movers. It’s important to entrust your move to a company that is top rated and has proved to be the best in the business. You don’t want someone who will treat your belongings with any less respect than they would their […] full post