Do you offer overnight parking for my rental?

Yes! We offer both daily and overnight parking for Avon rentals as well as non Avon vehicles. Parking information can be found here.

How old do I need to be to rent a vehicle?

You must be 21 years or older to rent most of our vehicles. You must be 25 to rent some of our specialty vehicles. Please call us at 833-750-7275 if you have any questions.

Do I need a special license to drive one of your vehicles?

You may drive, for personal use, most of our vehicles with a standard, Class C, drivers license. We have a few large trucks that require a special license. Please ask us if you are unsure.

Can I use a prepaid card?

Avon does not accept prepaid cards.

What kind of credit cards do you accept?

We accept: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Can I pay with cash?

You may pay with cash at the end of your rental.  However, we do require a credit or debit card to take an authorization at the time of pickup.

Will my insurance cover my rental?

You will need to check with your insurance agent to ensure your coverage will transfer and cover the type of vehicle you are renting.  If you have a commercial automobile policy you can issue Avon a Certificate of Insurance (COI).  Instructions and requirements for issuing a COI can be found HERE.

What if I need to keep the vehicle longer than I initially planned?

We are glad you are enjoying our vehicle!  Please just call the branch where you picked up the vehicle to let us know how long you will be extending for.

How much fuel do I need to return the vehicle with?

Please return the vehicle with as much fuel as it left with.  During the pickup process, you will perform an inspection with one of our representatives and will receive an email copy with the outgoing fuel level.  Please refer to that email when refueling.  You can also call us at 833-750-7275 for this information.

Can I add an additional driver to the rental?

Additional drivers can be added to the rental for no additional fee.  They must provide their drivers license and proof of insurance.