Rental Car Insurance Basics

2019-06-21, jeff Blog

Anytime you rent a car in the United States, you’ll probably be faced with the decision of whether or not you want to insure the rental. To customers who aren’t used to being asked, this can seem like the rental company is trying to upsell you; it feels like the customer service representative might be […] full post

AAA: Is Anytime Assistance Worth the Cost?

2019-06-14, jeff Blog

AAA has been providing assistance to drivers for over 100 years now and as the best-known roadside assistance service, they’re familiar to almost all drivers. AAA is actually a federation of motor clubs with offices all over the country, so no matter where you are, there’s someone nearby to help. They also offer financial services, […] full post

Avon Rents NEW VEHICLE AVAILABLE – Ram 2500 Promaster w/ Liftgate

2019-05-08, jeff Blog

Avon Rents is proud to announce a brand new edition to our fleet of vehicles! Our first shipment of Ram 2500 Promaster Vans now with a LIFTGATE has just arrived with more on the way. These vehicles will be priced competitively between a Cargo Van and Cube Truck with Lift Gate. Before you think this […] full post

Creating a Smart apartment on the CHEAP without getting in trouble with your landlord

2019-04-25, jeff Blog

You might feel like it’s impossible to have a smart home if you’re renting. Many of the newest tech gadgets would require the landlord’s permission to install and then when you moved and left them behind, you’d be wasting money. But there are several tech products on the market today that can update your apartment […] full post

Baker To Vegas – The World’s Most Prestigious And Unique Law Enforcement Foot Race

2019-02-28, jeff Blog

While law enforcement officers face all types of challenges during their day jobs, for one night a year, they face something that can be even more extreme: running part of a 120-mile race across the desert. The Baker to Vegas Relay Race brings over 6,000 members of law enforcement to the desert where they race […] full post

EASY & SPOOKY DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas!

2018-09-24, jeff Blog General

Halloween is really the DIYer’s dream. Whether you’re into making costumes, baking, or decorating both inside or outside the house, there are almost endless numbers of projects to take on. Whether you’re a DIY expert or novice, you’ll find plenty of décor ideas to make your home a little spookier. Here are a few you […] full post

Simple DIY Halloween Costumes That are Easy and Fun

2018-09-20, jeff Blog

If you’ve waited until the last minute to choose a Halloween costume, you might be unhappy with what’s left to pick from in the stores or you may not even have time to shop for one, but you don’t have to stress. There are lots of easy, DIY, and oftentimes pretty funny, Halloween costumes that […] full post

Moving with Pets Doesn’t Have to Be a Hairy Situation

2018-08-25, jeff Blog Tips for moving home

One of the things that can cause the most stress when you’re getting ready to move into a new home, is figuring out how you’ll transition your pets into the new space. Whether your family is moving across the country or just across town, having to get your pets moved physically and then acclimated to […] full post

July at Avon

2018-08-03, jeff Blog

Summer is in full swing! Here’s what’s been going on at Avon Rents in July! On Set with You’re The Worst Caught up with You’re the Worst in Eagle Rock on a toasty summer day! Need help with some heavy lifting? Let Avon help you out! All of our trucks come standard with a hydraulic lift […] full post

Los Angeles Food Festivals

2018-07-24, jeff Blog

In an age where people associate themselves with all different types of tribes, from outdoorsy types to Trekkies, there may be one group of people that has risen to the forefront over the past few years and can be found almost anywhere you go in the country: the foodie. While foodies can be found in […] full post