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Avon offers a wide range of production vehicles. Click here to see them!

Avon Studio Parking

180,000 Sq. Ft and 523 DEDICATED parking spots for base camp, truck and van parking across the street from Burbank Airport!

Production & Studio

We have a variety of trucks to meet your film production needs!

Small Business

Return the vehicle to us anytime! (24 hour returns)


Moving - Free flat dolly with rental! Car rentals - 3 convenient locations

★★★★★ Karen

“Quick, friendly and they have exactly what I need every time."

★★★★★ Diana

“The equipment was great, people were more than helpful. I've rented hundreds of vehicles and this was the best rental experience I've ever had!"

★★★★★ Gabe

"Everyone at Avon is friendly and efficient. Pick-up and drop-off are easy. I had forgotten to order moving blankets and they quickly called in my order and had me on the road in no time. I've gone back before and I'll go back again."


7:00AM-5:00 PM Mon-Fri
7:00AM-3:00 PM Sat& Sun
24-7 Parking
[email protected]

Beverly Hills

7:00AM-5:00 PM Mon-Fri
7:00AM-3:00 PM Sat & Sun

Santa Monica

7:00AM-5:00 PM Mon & Fri
7:00AM-3:00 PM Tues, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun


Corporate Office.  Please pick up, return, and park your vehicle at 2700 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank.

Santa Clarita

7:00AM-4:00 PM Mon-Fri

Burbank – Parking & Pickup

Pickup 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Mon – Fri
8:00 AM-4 PM Weekends
24-7 Parking